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Trust Fund Recovery Penalty - 941 Payroll Tax Relief

Business owners in need of tax debt relief from overdue employment tax should contact M&M immediately!  The IRS views unpaid payroll tax as theft.  That is, an employer took its employees tax money and used it as operating capital instead of handing it over to the IRS.  This is a serious issue for any business owner that owes unpaid employment tax.  The IRS is able to collect the employee’s portion of the payroll tax debt from the business owner or other Responsible Individuals.  This is called the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP)

The flow chart below helps our business clients understand the personal exposure they face due to a delinquent payroll tax debt.  The TFRP consists of the employee withholding portion of the payroll tax and the employee’s half of the Social Security and Medicare tax.  While the business is responsible for the total payroll tax debt including penalties and interest, the business owner or Responsible Individual may be assessed the TFRP portion only. 

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At M&M, we specialize in helping business owners that have unpaid payroll tax debt.  We can help you resolve your business tax liabilities and advise you how to keep yourself out of the IRS collection cross-hairs.  Remember, if you’re a Responsible Individual and your business has a payroll tax debt, you will likely be assessed the TFRP and a tax lien will be filed on your Social Security number.  It is always best to be proactive when dealing with an IRS tax debt of any size.  Call M&M today.  You’ll be glad you did!

M&M Specializes in:

  1. 941 Payroll Tax Debt Resolutions
  2. IRS Penalty Abatements and Reductions
  3. Offers in Compromise
  4. Installment Agreements
  5. Levy Release and Prevention
  6. State Tax Debt Resolutions
  7. Lien Withdrawal, Discharge, and Subordination


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“I just want to say Thank You for all you have done for us. Over a year ago I would have never thought you could have done such an amazing job getting the overpowering, overreaching, over controlling and overbearing IRS and State to reach one settlement after another, and in the end it is all resolved!! I can never say in words how grateful and relieved I am for all your HELP and professionalism and kindness when I was scared to death! You’re the BEST and Thank YOU!”

Sharon S.
Small Business Owner, North Carolina


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