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IRS Tax Lien Relief and Solutions

A tax lien is a collection tool that secures the IRS' or State’s position against a delinquent taxpayer's property for the amount of the total tax debt.  And when a tax lien is filed, it becomes a public record and appears on your credit report.  If you have recently applied for an auto loan, mortgage, mortgage restructure, business line of credit or other lending, you know that a tax lien can be damaging. 


How Can a Tax Lien Affect Me?

A tax lien may lead to the possible loss of vehicles and real estate, as well as prevent you from selling property, and in some cases opening new bank accounts.  If you're struggling with tax liens due to unpaid taxes, contact the tax debt experts at M&M Financial. We have a thorough understanding of Federal and State tax collection laws and regulations.  You may qualify for the following:

  1. Lien Subordination
  2. Lien Discharge
  3. Lien Withdrawal
  4. Lien Release

M&M can help you determine your tax debt options and outline a solution tailored to your specific needs. With M&M’s Tax Relief Specialists at your side, you can resolve your tax debt for good and we may even be able to help you avoid a tax lien altogether.  So if you've received tax debt notices from the IRS or State, don't hesitate – call today to find out how the Tax Resolution Experts at M&M can help you!


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“I just want to say Thank You for all you have done for us. Over a year ago I would have never thought you could have done such an amazing job getting the overpowering, overreaching, over controlling and overbearing IRS and State to reach one settlement after another, and in the end it is all resolved!! I can never say in words how grateful and relieved I am for all your HELP and professionalism and kindness when I was scared to death! You’re the BEST and Thank YOU!”

Sharon S.
Small Business Owner, North Carolina


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