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M&M Financial Client Reviews and References

M&M provides an extensive list of tax relief references with each consultation. Here is just what a few of our clients have said:

“M&M Consulting handled my case with the utmost professionalism, and made the whole experience as stress-free as possible. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in an IRS “situation”.”

George B.
Lake Forest, IL


“I was in a panicked situation when I found out how far behind I was with my payroll taxes. After working with M&M Financial I've had the best experience. My mind has been at ease since I've been able to work out agreements with the IRS with M&M being the middleman between myself and the IRS. The representative has been easy to reach and answers any questions I may have. He has also been studious with contacting me after speaking with the IRS so that I stay abreast of what they are requesting. I would recommend this company to everyone in this same situation.”

LaShawn J.
Small Business Owner
Snellville, GA


“M&M was very professional in assisting me to deal with my tax liability. They identified the ways that I was out of compliance and provided me with a payment plan to resolve my tax liability. I highly recommend their services to any future client.”

Ron P.


“I am extremely satisfied and impressed with your services. Excellent, reliable and very comforting.”

Joe J.
Los Angeles, CA


“My experience in dealing with M&M Financial, in particular, Jonathan Stewart, has been incredible. Dealing with the IRS can be a very stressful situation. I lost a lot of sleep over the situation I was in regarding my payroll taxes. Jonathan (M&M) was there for me, and resolved a very bad situation. It didn’t matter how many times I called or what time I called, he always picked up, or got right back to me. He always answered every question I had, to put my mind at ease. He was always able to calm my nerves, and make me feel like I was in good hands. First class service. I’m soo thankful for Jonathan Stewart and M&M.”

Dr. Timothy B.
Tracy, CA


“In the midst of the biggest crisis of our lives, losing our business, we sought help from M&M Financial to handle the IRS. It was the best decision we ever made. They handled our affairs with the utmost professionalism, compassion and accuracy. We highly recommend this company and would use them again in a heartbeat if the need arises.”

James and Linda K.
Machine Shop Owners
Chicago, IL


“I had all but given up on the stress of dealing with the IRS and their aggressive collection techniques, when M&M Financial saved the day by resolving my years’ long tax debt, and putting most of my penalties back in my pocket. Thanks a million M&M!”

Jeffrey B.
Chicago, IL


“Worked very efficiently. Service is top rated. Working with M&M has been great! Thank you.”

Kee K.
Small Business Manager,
San Francisco, CA


“Just wanted to say if you are having trouble with the IRS or state please give the wonderful people at M&M a chance to work for you. Mason and his staff worked tirelessly to negotiate an affordable Installment Agreement when the IRS did not want to negotiate with me personally at all. A tremendous weight has been lifted off me and my company and I would not hesitate one second recommending M&M to anyone who is having trouble. You won’t be sorry.”

Britt P.
Small Business Owner
Royal, AR


“I would like to express my appreciation to M&M Financial Consulting for helping my company with a past IRS tax lien. The work performed was done in a timely, efficient manner and handled with a high degree of professionalism. Without hesitation, I would recommend the firm to anyone dealing with the IRS.”

Larry D.
Business Owner
Chandler, AZ


“M&M Consulting has performed as they presented themselves to be. Their professionalism and understanding of the policies, laws, and regulations concerning the IRS has directed us to a pleasing resolution, while maintaining our future relationship with the IRS.”

Keith H.
Green Isle, MN


“Writing a client testimonial for M&M Consulting Inc. is probably the easiest task I have been confronted with in a long time. The journey which led to the consulting services of M&M was a tedious one. After 15 years of successful business explorations, I was faced with a tremendous debt which took me out of my comfort zone and frankly threatened to demolish the years I had spent building my business. I sought the help of a competitive agency like M&M, but found that their standards of business were very much subliminal to that of M&M. In fact, at first it was a toss-up between the two businesses for which I had researched and found both in good standings with the Better Business Bureau. I am embarrassed to say that I let the years in business of the other company overshadow my decision. However, I found that years of experience had nothing to do with dedication and honesty. After spending huge amounts, I realized I was at a dead end with this company. They were constantly asking for money with no accomplishments. I further found out that the reason they ask so much money was because of all the middle people who had to be paid before my problem was resolved.
When I called M&M, not only were my fears diminished, but their services have been impeccable and caused me to become very optimistic about the growth and future of my business. I have found that when they give their word in contract form, it is a credible agreement that does not change. M&M has fought with me and for me to regain my peace and joy in the career for which I have chosen to be a part. I recommend M&M Consulting, Inc. very highly for every business that wants to choose the best.”

Lesia W.
Woodville, MS


“Thank you for such a superb job! I was contacted by you and had previously had two bad experiences with so called experts in the field of financial consulting, as pertaining to problems with the IRS. My experience with M&M Financial and especially with Jonathan Stewart has been such a success and you cannot believe the amount of concern, persistence, and professional help I received from M&M. My IRS problem was very bad, and I am proud to say that a $15,000 debt to the IRS was completely settled with small payments, no more stress, and an actual letter from the IRS of congratulations. Thank you.”

Tania Vanderham


“I like to say that M&M helped me through a difficult time in my life. When business was going through terrible times, M&M was very helpful in consulting me and negotiating with the IRS. The IRS is the toughest creditor to have on your back when a business if faltering, but M&M made it bearable with successful negotiating and helpful terms.”

Frank S.
Convenience Store Owner
Pittsburgh, PA


“M&M’s help was great. They relieved my stress level immediately. They were knowledgeable and thorough, they were courteous and prompt. I appreciate the hard work and the outcome.”

Michael R.
Home healthcare Provider
Nashville, TN


“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this testimonial regarding services you have provided to Enrichment Opportunities of Training, Inc. (EOIT).

During the time I have worked with M&M Financial, you have distinguished yourself as a conscientious and energetic professional in the field of tax matters. You have guided our agency through the complex, and often fearful maze of paperwork, forms and documents with compassion, patience and knowledge.

I am pleased with the work, progress and results you have provided; your commitment is evident as you continue to make your services available on an “as needed basis."

I highly recommend M&M Financial Consulting, Inc. and hope individuals will strongly consider using your services."

Jeannetta B.
Vocational Skills Educator
Milwaukee, WI


“Traff-Pro contacted M&M at a time when we were anxious and embarrassed. We were embarrassed by our situation after years of being a successful and respected company; we were anxious because the IRS literally was knocking on our door. We didn’t know how long we could survive.

Companies from all over the country offered to provide assistance. We didn’t know who to turn to. We contacted several companies before we called you. Our calls were either not answered by the other companies, or we were asked to leave a voice mail message. On our first call to M&M we were immediately put in touch with an agent who answered our preliminary questions without pressuring us to commit to a contract.

We have never regretted our decision to retain your services. At the outset, you described the process, and told us what you would do for us. You calmed our anxiety and made us believe that our company could survive. After we retained you, we were never again directly contacted by the IRS.

Three things really impressed us about you and your company. First, you were available when we called you and you responded with meaningful, helpful advice. The few times you were not available when we called, you called back within the hour. Second, you did everything you said you would do. Third, you had the expertise to respond when we encountered unanticipated issues that otherwise would have been disastrous. For example, you were able to negotiate the subordination between our bank and the IRS so that our line of credit was unaffected.

It has been years since we first contacted you. We are still in business, the IRS situation is under control, and you still take our calls. You directed us through difficult, anxious times. Thank you for your guidance."

David J. Lepisto P.E., P.S.
Traff-Pro Consultants, Inc.


“M&M Financial Consulting, Inc. negotiated the longest possible State Installment Agreement, including the avoidance of a 25% down payment required for all payment plans. This saved my organization an initial down payment of $3,400.”

Diane C.
Founder and President of a National Non-Profit Organization
Landover, MD


“Anyone who has experienced any type of federal tax problem is aware of how extremely stressful the situation can become, whether they are individual problems or of a business nature. My decision to hire M&M Financial Consulting to assist during this difficult time was certainly a wise one. Their expertise allowed them to guide me through every necessary process and insured that they would deal with whomever necessary at the Internal Revenue Service. I found that the representative from M&M Financial Consulting that was working with me was always available when I had questions, when appeals needed to be filed and when an IRS representative had to be dealt with. I strongly recommend this firm for anyone who is experiencing the same or similar problems.”

Linda B.
Electronics Services, Small Business Owner
Eastern MA


“I would like to thank M&M Financial Consulting, Inc. for doing what even the IRS told me wouldn’t happen. I was out of $60,000 Dollars because of penalties for filling late 990 returns which was all returned to me because of the excellent work done by M&M Financial. I have become a personal advertising system for M&M Financial and now every case I get is referred to M&M. Thanks!!”

Reginald G.
Educator, Non-Profit
Washington, DC


“I was at a point in my life where I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. The IRS was in the process of garnishing my wages for $46,000 on a tax lien. I am a divorced mother of four living on one salary income. A minister informed me of your services, M&M Financial Consulting, Inc. Thanks be to God, to Mr. Stewart, and your company I was able to make monthly payments that I could afford. God bless you M&M.”

Florine F.
Jackson, MS


“Thank you for helping me with my back taxes. I couldn’t have done a better job without your help. Trying to figure out the tax laws/procedures is too complex for the average person. Also, it was extremely beneficial to have you do the negotiating and administrative work. And, the substantial savings in back penalties and interest certainly made your service worth while. Thanks so much for your expert advice and professional service. I’ll be sure to pass your name on to others in the future.”

Eric M.
Milwaukee, WI



My bookkeeper expressed many dire warnings of unscrupulous companies that claim to work for you and the IRS on tax problems. But in this case she was mistaken. I am pleased to say that M&M Financial has worked for me and with me in my case and was able to act as a buffer and bring about a reduction of penalties of an amount over and above the fees. All employees were professional, easy to work with and explained anything I had questions regarding. If you or a trusted employee feel you are unable to cope with the stress of dealing with the problem I would completely recommend M&M Financial.”

David J.


“M&M Financial has helped me and my company in more ways than I ever thought. They were very knowledgeable in many ways. They were the only [company] that was not pushy in the beginning to get our business. M&M Financial is a very good company to work with."

Don S.


“MM Financial has become a true friend of mine. I will never forget the help they gave me with my awesome tax problems. They answered every call I made to them and coached me all the way from beginning to end, from over $100,000 dollars to only $27,000. All I can say the people have done every thing that they told me that they would do. Wait a minute that’s not all, the $27,000; I didn’t have to pay it in full. They got me set-up on monthly payments. Work with them, while they work with you and get your tax problems worked out.”

Johnny G.
Vicksburg, MS


“My only regret is that I did not come across M&M sooner. I had the unfortunate experience of working with another company that over promised and under delivered on everything, M&M gave a date to have my issue resolved and as long as I did my part, with paperwork and info, it would be. To my surprise they resolved my issue sooner than expected.”

Julio M.
Medical Supplier (Illinois)


"I am the CEO of a healthcare facility in the Midwest which found itself at the wrong end of tax issues arising from our previous accountant’s unprofessionalism and wanton disregard for details. It was at this point that we were introduced to M&M Financial. Immediately, M&M Financial pounced on the specific issues of contention while exhibiting total mastery of the IRS regulations in question. M&M Financial successfully resolved a 4-year tax issue which had been on the threshold of litigation. M&M Financial’s thorough understanding of tax resolution matters, exemplary professionalism and laudable communication/negotiation skills made the whole process seamless."

Oranu I.
Physician (Indiana)


"M&M Financial Consulting was able to come along side and basically partner and guide us through the challenges and expectations of resolving our tax issues. They worked very closely with the IRS on our behalf and provided some needed peace of mind so that I could focus on getting our business back on track. They were forth right and honest in the advice they provided. As long as you do your part, M&M will more than do their part!"

Jim M.
Home Health Care Provider (West Virginia)


“My experience working with M&M Financial was overall very positive. I had a long term tax problem which was compounded by a divorce and collapse of the financial markets. The IRS agent I was in contact with was poised to levy my accounts, seize my personal property, and hit me with an onerous installment agreement which I could never pay on. M&M was able to negotiate with the agent on my behalf and bring the situation to a very favorable outcome for me. I would definitely recommend them.”

Steve L.
General Contractor, Small Business Owner (Chicago, IL)


“I thank you and your firm very much for handling this tax matter for me. I think M&M is a very good org. Very professional and willing to help. Kept me updated o issues throughout the process. What I liked most was that I could understand the terminology; the process was clear and simple. Things were done in a timely fashion, and working you all took a lot of stress off of me. I have no problems telling friends and family or associates of your firm, if they are every in need of your services.”

Craig L.
Sylvania, GA


“I wanted to thank you and the staff of M&M Financial for the service that you provided in helping me with my MN Dept. of Revenue tax delinquency. M&M made my tax delinquency much easier to resolve.”

Frank C.
Minneapolis, MN


“M&M is a great company. They were able to get my wife’s wage garnishment removed immediately. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with tax issues.”

Greg M.
Oxford, CT


"As an older couple, we began a business after my husband’s retirement due to a serious health challenge. Due to lack of competent tax advice, we incurred heavy tax liabilities. How glad we are that we entrusted our tax needs to M&M Financial to proceed with the IRS on our behalf. They handled everything professionally with knowledge of the tax laws, and yet took a personal interest in the best way to represent us successfully. We would recommend M&M Financial to our closest associates and to anyone with need for representation with the IRS."

Jacqueline H.


“For some time we were hounded by the IRS to the point of frustration. Once I hired M&M Financial there was always someone to explain what was happening and what was going to happen. These guys have been with us every step and what was once total frustration is now under control. Thanks M&M.”

Luke A.
Property Management Small Business Owner, Pennsylvania


“M&M Financial really helped guide me through recent IRS tax lien judgments. They helped with collecting all the information, explaining our situation (economy and health issues), and representing us with our assigned tax agent. They were able to negotiate removal of some penalties/interest and an affordable monthly tax payment. This enabled us to restructure our financing and then pay our tax liens in full.”

Kathy R.
Bowerston, OH


“The service I received from M&M Financial was very efficient and professional. Their staff was knowledgeable and assisted me in the resolutions of both my business and personal federal tax liabilities. I would recommend them higher for anyone looking for help in their tax liabilities.”

Richard S.
Small Business Owner, Ironton, OH


“M&M Financial Consulting has been immensely helpful in negotiating my tax issues with the IRS over the past few years. They were successful in managing all communications, significantly reducing penalties, and arranging an affordable payment plan – all of which has alleviated a LOT of stress and anxiety. Now I can better focus on operating and growing my business. The staff is very polite, patient, understanding and discrete – all good traits when handling difficult financial circumstances.”

Todd Z.
Graphic Designer, Chicago, IL


“I had some difficult tax problems and M&M was always there to answer my questions and guide me through it. I’m grateful to the team at M&M and I would recommend them to anyone who needs tax help with the IRS. ”

Armandina C.
Childcare Provider, Texas


“I would like to thank M&M Financial for all the help we received during this difficult time with the IRS. They were able to work out an agreement that was affordable. We were able to return to business as normal without worrying what the IRS was going to do. ”

Judy G.
Small Business Owner, Chicago, IL


“M&M Financial Consulting has done so much for us! We owed the IRS a great amount of money in back taxes. M&M helped us to set up a payment plan that was affordable. Thanks so much M&M. You’re greatly appreciated.”

Jason T.
Contractor, Small Business Owner, Indiana


“M&M was very professional in resolving my case. I would definitely use them again.”

Carolyn W.
Springdale, MD


“We are not at all good at doing what makes us uncomfortable, so when we heard M&M would do the hard stuff, we jumped on it. We got a great plan and the IRS is no longer our stress of the day. Thank you [M&M] for all your hard work.”

Larry H.
Ukiah, CA


“M&M was a great help in resolving my IRS issues. I would definitely recommend, always. ”

Andy R.
Cleburne, TX


“M&M Financial was incredible in handling my IRS situation. They answered all my questions right away and put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend [M&M] to anyone.”

Stephanie S.
Las Vegas, NV


“I enjoyed dealing with each and every one of you guys and would recommend anyone to you. ”

John F.
Harker Heights, TX


“M&M is a great company for all your tax needs. I was in trouble for the first time with the IRS and these guys helped me clear that up in a reasonable, timely manner. I will use M&M again if I need to.”

Hugo A.
Small Business Owner, Chicago, IL


“M&M Financial assisted me in resolving my debt with the CA FTB and the IRS. It’s a relief to know that the amount I have to pay has been reduced and I can be completely done with the debt within a year.”

Sally F.
Pasadena, CA


“I would like to thank M&M Financial for expediting my IRS problems in a professional and timely manner. I am very appreciative of your professionalism and patient manner that you showed me with my many questions about my IRS affairs.”

Delores F.
Chicago, IL


“M&M did an excellent job assisting me with my tax problem. The staff was professional, courteous and kept me updated throughout the entire process. While I hope to never need their services again, if I ever found myself needing help with the IRS again, M&M would be the company that I would contact.”

Tom F.
Small Business Owner Phoenixville, PA


“My experience with M&M Financial was quite helpful in this very stressful time concerning my IRS problems. I owe other vendors. With M&M’s help, I was more able to work with other payables to work out payment plans. It is so nice not to be looking over my shoulder for the “revenuers.” M&M Financial is a professional company who is great to work with concerning this company’s IRS problems. They represented me, which took that problem away so I could more assertively solve other business problems we are incurring. It’s great to know that [M&M] is out there to help small businesses in these very “up in the air” times.”

Kathleen S.
Kila, MT


“M&M Financial moves quickly with resolving tax concerns. The company staff is friendly, checks in with me regularly to give updates on all taking matters. I am happy that I utilized their services and will recommend them to any company that is having taxing concerns. Thank you M&M Financial for all your hard work!”

Linda J.
Small Business Owner Chicago, IL


“When business hit rock bottom, I had some large IRS issues that crossed over to personal. When I had IRS agents coming to my home, I knew I had to do something. I contacted M&M Financial and it was the best decision I have made. M&M Financial was extremely professional and made the process very easy. With the outcome of the work that M&M did for me, I am able to recover and live my life again.”

Kevin J.
Small Business Owner Yuma, AZ


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