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We have published a series of free tax guides aimed at giving you the basic information on the various IRS programs that we use to save our clients millions of dollars. While we always recommend seeking professional help, these guides give you basic information so that you can decide what option is best for you.

Much of this information is withheld by other companies as closely guarded secrets, but we believe in empowering you with knowledge. Fill out the form below to download the FREE tax guides you need.


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M&M Financial Consulting Inc. is based in Chicago, IL. We resolve tax liabilities in all 50 states. M&M does not outsource its tax work. All tax resolution services are performed in house.


“A few months ago I received a phone call that turned my life around. I was receiving threatening phone calls and letters from both the [IRS and KS-DOR]. M&M called me and spoke with such reassurance that they immediately had my confidence. I receive no more phone calls or letters! I was able to rest knowing my business was in capable hands. As Jeff and Mason worked with me, I always left the calls feeling assured everything would be fine and I was not inadequate. The IRS is working with me and the pressure I once had is gone. THANK YOU M&M.”

Jackie D.
Daycare Provider, Garden City, KS

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