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Our Answers to Some Common Questions

Why Shouldn’t I Handle My Back Tax Issue On My Own With My Local Accountant Or Attorney?

M&M’s experience, knowledge, and proven track record in tax resolution policies and procedures often exceed that of most CPAs and Attorneys. We know your rights and are very well versed in the collections policies and procedures of the IRS and State tax authorities. This is all we do on a daily basis. We are not learning as we go at your expense.

Several Companies (Tax Resolution Firms) Have Called Me. Why Should I Hire M&M Financial To Fix My Tax Problems?

M&M is owner operated. We provide the highest level of personal service and accountability available. We do not outsource our tax work. All tax resolution services are performed in house. Large firms may have thousands of other client cases in front of yours. Upon retaining M&M Financial, your entire case will be handled by one of our in-house tax teams led by a licensed tax professional. Your case receives the personal attention necessary to achieve the best outcome. You will never become a number with our firm.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Handle My Tax Problem With The IRS Officer?

The IRS will not inform you all of your rights. The Revenue Officer assigned to your case is simply a bill collector for the IRS and it is their job to collect the tax. The IRS Agent is not your friend or advocate in this situation. They are looking out for the best interests of the United State's Government…not yours!!!

How Much Do M&M Tax Resolution Services Cost?

M&M charges a start-to-finish fee for each case. We do not determine our fee based on hourly rates and you’ll be ensured the best resolution at an affordable price. We offer flexible payment options, enabling you to see results without having to pay the entire fee up front.

How Can M&M Help Clients On A National Level?

The IRS policies and procedures are the same in all 50 states. Out tax teams are not required to meet personally with the IRS or State Revenue Officer. We successfully communicate with Revenue Officers across the United States via phone, fax, FedEx and email. This eliminates uncomfortable face-to-face meetings for our clients with the IRS and is the most efficient and affordable method of resolution, thus saving our clients time and money.

What Is An Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and is empowered by the U.S. Department of Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS for audits, collections, and appeals. Enrolled Agents are the only taxpayer representatives who receive their right to practice from the U.S. government (CPAs and attorneys are licensed by the state).

What Is The Difference Between M&M’s Tax Teams And Other Tax Professionals?

M&M’s tax teams are headed by Enrolled Agents. Our EAs are licensed by the United States Treasury to represent taxpayers before the IRS and are required to demonstrate to the IRS their competence in matters of taxation before the IRS. Attorneys and CPAs are licensed by the State and are often not experienced in IRS Collection’s policies and procedures. Unlike attorneys and CPAs who may or may not choose to specialize in resolving back tax liabilities, M&M’s tax teams practice exclusively in tax liability resolution.

My Business Is Missing Returns And I Am Not Sure What To Do.

The IRS can assess hefty penalties for failure to timely file a tax return. Even if you can’t pay the tax due on the return, file the return by the due date to avoid unnecessary penalties. Also keep in mind that the IRS takes non-filing very seriously.  In the most flagrant cases, criminal prosecution has been recommended to those individuals that willfully fail to file tax returns. If you have missing returns, it is best to be proactive and hire representation right away. M&M can help you gain compliance with the IRS and move toward an affordable resolution quickly. Flying below the radar is not a wise strategy.

Can The IRS Or State Levy My Bank Account Without Permission?

Yes. If you or your business owes back taxes, the IRS and State can take your money out of your bank account without a court order. If you’ve received letters and notices from the IRS or State, these are warning signs and you should seek help right away. Avoiding the taxing authorities is exactly what triggers enforced collection actions such as levies and seizures.

How Quickly Can M&M Fix My IRS Tax Problem?

We understand that time is of the essence when you owe back taxes. Upon hiring M&M, our tax teams will engage on your behalf quickly, in most cases, the same day. Some of our client cases can be resolved in a week, while others require much longer. We work quickly and efficiently, making sure every step in M&M’s Tax Resolution System is executed to your advantage. With M&M as your representative, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your tax matter is in good hands. We have over 30 years of combined experience handling cases just like yours!

Can I Reduce Or Eliminate My Tax Liability?

Penalties charged on both 941 payroll tax and personal 1040 income tax liabilities can be reduced. If your reason for accruing the tax fits within the IRS’ “Reasonable Cause Criteria”, IRS penalties can be reduced or removed all together. However, interest cannot be reduced or removed in most cases. It is most important to have a Tax Resolution Specialist pursue penalty relief for you. You do not have unlimited opportunities to request Penalty Abatement. We can help you get it right the first time. M&M’s Tax Resolution System has saved our clients millions of dollars.

What Is The Most Common Mistake You See Taxpayers Make?

Simply put, most people wait too long before addressing their tax liabilities. Delaying the inevitable is the absolute worst thing that you can do. Do not hide your head in the sand. The IRS owns the beach!

Do I Need A Tax Attorney To Resolve My Tax Debt?

Many delinquent taxpayers are under the false impression that a tax attorney is the only professional out there with the authority and knowledge to successfully resolve a tax debt.  This is blatantly untrue. In fact, most attorneys know relatively little about taxes and the complex collection process of the IRS and State taxing authorities.  This is because, just like CPAs, few attorneys specialize in tax debt relief. However, to the benefit of struggling taxpayers nationwide, M&M’s Enrolled Agents (EAs) practice exclusively and expertly in IRS and State tax liability resolution.

Remember, tax debt cases rarely devolve into legal battles. Hiring an attorney on retainer who will bill you hourly is not a wise way to allocate funds in a time of financial crisis. If you owe delinquent tax to the IRS or State, you must resolve your tax liabilities within the laws set forth by the taxing authorities. The licensed, seasoned tax professionals at M&M have the backbone and experience to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as we help you resolve your tax debt. After all, we’ve been successfully helping people just like you since 2005.

How Can M&M Financial’s Enrolled Agents Help Me Fix My Tax Problem?

Enrolled Agents (EAs) have unlimited practice rights before the IRS.  And unlike attorneys and CPAs, EAs are licensed by the United States Treasury, the same government authority that operates the IRS.  M&M’s EAs are licensed to represent taxpayers nationwide and each has been trained in M&M’s Tax Resolution System.

Located in Publication 1, the IRS’ Declaration of Taxpayer Rights states “Your representative must be a person allowed to practice before the IRS, such as an attorney, certi­fied public accountant, or enrolled agent”.

When you hire M&M to resolve your back tax debt, your IRS form 2848, Power of Attorney will be signed by two or more M&M EAs with more than five years experience using the M&M Tax Resolution System.  We’ve continuously developed our System since opening our doors in 2005, and we constantly improve it as IRS collection rules and regulations change.

At M&M Financial we offer many tax debt relief services, including:

  • 941 Payroll Tax Negotiations
  • IRS and State Installment Plans
  • Penalty Reductions
  • Levy Release Requests
  • Trust Fund Protests
  • Offers in Compromise
  • IRS Lien Withdrawals, Discharges, Subordinations

Why Not Negotiate With The IRS Myself?

Although you may represent yourself in front of an IRS Revenue Officer, we don’t recommend it.  Remember, Revenue Officers have been professionally trained and are paid by the IRS to collect tax debts.  This creates a glaring conflict of interest when the tax collector assigned to a case offers the delinquent taxpayer advice on how to exercise Taxpayer Rights and resolve tax liabilities.  Despite what you may have been told, Revenue Officers do not have your best interest in mind.  Similarly, placing your livelihood in the hands of an attorney or CPA who doesn’t have a working knowledge of your rights as a taxpayer could leave you frustrated and broke.

With your participation, M&M will resolve your tax debt and arm you with the knowledge you need to avoid additional tax debt in the future.  Contact the experts at M&M today for the comprehensive and efficient tax debt relief service you won‘t find anywhere else.  Call (866) 487-5624 for a free, confidential consultation with an M&M Tax Debt Advisor, or email us at info@mmfinancial.org with your name, telephone number and a good time to contact you.  Don’t wait, contact us today!

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“There is nothing like the fear of having a tax agency after your blood! That’s how I felt when I fell way behind with my taxes. Then came a stream of agencies promising to help, but none seemed very trustworthy until I found M&M. Their serious approach with no sales talk won me over and I was very happy that I chose them. Within weeks I had a plan. The relief was enormous and I would recommend them anytime.”

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