A Texas sized Tax Relief Testimonial for M&M Financial

Another Satisfied M&M Tax Resolution Client in the Lone Star State.  See  real M&M Texas Tax Debt Relief Case Examples.

“When we found ourselves facing an IRS debt of close to a third of a million dollars we knew that we needed help. We had put ourselves in this position so we were not trying to avoid paying what we owed, we just needed someone to help us wade through the morass of documents that were coming our way from the IRS. we were approached by so many companies that ‘wanted to help’ but M&M was different, as we listened to them they were able to talk about the issues in a way that inspired confidence (most of the other companies left messages telling us we were in trouble; M&M spent time explaining the process and how they could help).

And they were as wonderful as we could hope that they would be. They were there when the IRS sent us confusing documents. They were there to manage the communication with the IRS (so we didn’t have to). They were there to explain how to make our payments and they were there when the letters kept coming even after we had paid it off.

I cannot overstate the peace that came from knowing I could pick up the phone (or email) and call M&M and they would be able to explain it to me and tell me what (if anything) I needed to do.

If you owe the IRS money, sign up with M&M; O can’t imagine the hell that my life would have become if I had not done so.”

Glenn M.
Small Business Owner
Grapevine, TX 76051