M&M Financial Tax Relief Review Olympia Fields IL 60461

M&M Financial’s 15 Day Guarantee is real.  This Illinois client was pleasantly surprised by it.

“I would highly recommend the tax services of MM Financial. Their staff were very comprehensive, trustworthy, efficient and professional. I never felt that they were trying to sell me any unnecessary services. In fact, after assessing my case they provided me with a solution, advised me that I could do it independently and refunded my money. I would absolutely utilize their services again.”

Sherri S.
Small Business Owner
Olympia Fields, Illinois 60461

Our Tax Relief Clients and the BBB Love Us!

M&M BBB Review

M&M Financial – 10 Years Accredited with the BBB – 10 Years Solving Tax Problems

M&M Financial Consulting, Inc. just received a Special Membership Recognition Award for being accredited with the Better Business Bureau for 10 years. Time flies!

M&M Financial has been resolving tax liabilities nationwide since 2005 and we’ve worked hard to earn these prestigious BBB Awards:

• 2015 BBB Honorable Mention Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics
• 2015 BBB 10 Year Accredited Business Award
• BBB Complaint Free Award
 2012
 2010
 2009
 2008
 2007
 2006

Over the years M&M Financial has built an expert team of Tax Resolution Specialists that have successfully helped thousands of business owners resolve their tax liabilities and get back to making money. We proudly boast one of the best proven track records in the Tax Resolution industry.

If you or your business owes the IRS back taxes and you are unsure on how to address the issue, call 866-487-5624 for a complimentary tax consultation.

M&M Helps Wolcott, IN 47995 Business Resolve IRS Civil Penalty Tax Debt

IRS Penalty Abatement, Removal and Reduction

In August 2014 M&M helped an Indiana business completely remove a $27,645 IRS Civil Penalty. The penalty was assessed by the IRS due to missing W2/W3 forms that were apparently not received by the Social Security Administration.

M&M has been very successful on behalf of its clients in removing IRS Civil Penalties under IRC 6721. If your business has received a Civil Penalty due to a W2/W3/941 discrepancy, call M&M today at 866-487-5624. You’ll be glad you did!

M&M Financial’s IRS Penalty Abatement Success

At M&M we don’t keep track of every IRS penalty we get reduced for our clients. The statistic would be nice to have, but it would eat up a lot of our time to keep an accurate figure. We get a significant amount of penalties removed for our clients at M&M. To keep track of every dollar would be tedious and time consuming. So, we believe our time is better spent helping our clients.

However, we do add some of our successful client abatement examples to the M&M website every so often. In 2011 we gathered up what successful IRS penalty abatement notices we could find going back to 2008 and place them on our website. We continue to add to the list regularly. It’s something we’re proud of.

IRS Penalty Removal and Reduction

If you look at the successful abatements on our website, M&M’s total penalties abated for clients are more than $6,200,000. Continue reading

What Tax Relief Can You Provide That I Can’t Do Myself

Mark Mitchell, EA Tax Resolution Expert

Mark Mitchell, EA
M&M Financial Consulting, Inc.

I was speaking to a potential client this morning and was asked the question, “What can you do that I cannot do myself”? My name is Mark Mitchell, President of M&M Financial Consulting. I have been assisting business owners resolve IRS tax problems for the last 12 years and this is one of the most common questions I am asked.

I could easily write several pages on this subject but will keep it short for time sake. The first thing to understand when trying to resolve a business IRS tax liability is that it is not the same as owing a typical creditor. In many cases, especially back payroll tax cases, you cannot simply contact the IRS and set up a payment plan with a single phone call. In fact, the IRS considers Installment Agreements for back 941 payroll taxes more of a privilege, definitely not a right. If your business is behind on 941 payroll taxes your case will be assigned to a Revenue Officer whose main function is to collect the tax as quickly as possible. The Revenue Officer is trained and required to follow a set procedure to collect the past due taxes. The IRS Collection Policies and Procedures permit installment agreements only after the Service has exhausted every other option to have the tax paid in full. To learn more on how to successfully resolve an outstanding business 941 payroll tax liability watch this video on the M&M Tax Resolution System. It is very helpful and informative.

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M&M Financial Customer Review Massachusetts

Another Satisfied M&M Tax Resolution Client

“Our club recently fell on some very tough financial times. With this came tax problems. Mark Mitchell, President of M&M, contacted me in early July of 2014. He assured me that everything would work out and his company could solve our problems. Lupe Figueroa was assigned to my case. All I can say is that she provided a professional, pleasurable, stress free and fast resolution. I highly recommend this company. Thank you very much M&M Financial and Lupe!”

Thomas M.

M&M Financial Celebrating 10 Years Solving Tax Problems

M&M's Tax Resolution System

Click to find out more about M&M’s Tax Resolution System

This year M&M Financial Consulting, Inc. is celebrating ten years in business. Since we opened our doors in 2005, an estimated 50 or more tax resolution companies have (come and) gone out of business.

New tax resolution companies pop up around the country every year. You never know if they’ll last one year, two years, five years… Tax resolution is like most other markets; it’s competitive and you need to be on your game at all times to make it.

Additionally, it takes many years of experience to become proficient at resolving back taxes. Why would you hire a company that could be learning as they go at your expense?

M&M Financial Consulting, Inc. – A Decade of Tax Relief and Resolution Continue reading

Former JK Harris, Tax Masters, American Tax Relief and Roni Deutch Tax Center Clients

M&M Financial Helps Former JK Harris, Tax Masters, American Tax Relief and Roni Deutch Tax Center Clients.

If you are a former client of any of the defunct tax resolution businesses listed below and you still have an unresolved tax problem, we can help. Over the years M&M Financial Consulting, Inc. has helped many clients that initially started working with a different tax resolution firm but were not able to get the results they paid for. As unfortunate as this is, not all tax resolution firms are the same.

If you have ever had a bad experience with tax professional or competing tax resolution firm, we encourage you to call M&M today to discuss your options with one of our tax experts. We are so confident that you will be impressed with what you hear that we guarantee it in writing. Continue reading

Getting Tons of Calls Regarding Your IRS Back Tax Problem?

If you have had a State or IRS Tax Lien filed against your business chances are good that your phone has been ringing off the hook. We understand that this can be a little annoying but before you discard all of the companies please give M&M a chance. Believe it or not all companies are the same. M&M has been a leader in the tax resolution industry since 2005.

Trusted Tax Relief and Resolution

Here are Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire M&M Financial Consulting for your IRS back tax problem:

1. Reputation – M&M is A+ Rated with the Chicago Better Business Bureau.
2. Experience – M&M has been helping struggling taxpayers since 2005. Each of our Tax Teams is headed by an Enrolled Agent with more than six years experience implementing M&M’s Tax Resolution System.
3. Guarantee – Cancel your M&M agreement within 15 days of engaging us, and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.
4. Clear-Cut Fees – M&M charges a start-to-finish fee, no hidden costs or hourly rates.
5. Payment Options – We allow you to pay our fee in three equal monthly payments, allowing you to see results before your fee is paid in full.
6. We Fix Tax Problems –M&M specializes entirely in back tax resolution. Each year we help hundreds of taxpayers resolve their IRS and State tax liabilities.
7. Accountability – Each of our Tax Teams is headed by an Enrolled Agent trained specifically to resolve tax liabilities. M&M’s Tax Teams are in-house, assuring accountability.
8. Honest Advice –M&M takes pride in being honest and ethical. We do not oversell and under deliver.
9. Perfect Size – M&M is a 15 person firm by design. Small enough to care and big enough to deliver.
10. Customer Service – As our client you can expect to receive top quality customer service. Our clients command and receive our full attention.

If you have received a proposal from OMNI Financial, 20/20 Tax Resolution, Larson Financial, Phoenix Financial, Berkshire Tax, Tax Defense Network, Fortress Financial, Clear Creek Consulting, Matrix Financial, Safe Harbor Financial Consultants, Wall & Associates or Community Tax Relief, then you should call M&M today and speak to one of our tax experts. You’ll be glad that you did! 866-487-5624 or 773-969-5825

Do You Want To Fix Your Tax Problem, But Don’t Want To Talk To Anyone About It?

Mark Mitchell, EA Tax Resolution Expert

Mark Mitchell, EA
M&M Financial Consulting, Inc.

“Hello, can I speak to the owner? I am calling in regards to a time sensitive tax matter.”

If you are a business owner and are currently behind on your 941 payroll taxes then you have likely received a phone call from a telemarketer saying something similar to the above. If you have not received phone call solicitations then rest assured your mailbox will be chock-full of attractive letters from various tax resolution professionals.

There are no less than 100 tax resolution firms across the country that will start pursuing you to hire them shortly after your business has received IRS Notice 668(Y)(c), Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL).

M&M Keeps Your Sensitive Tax Liability Information Confidential

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