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Click to see more M&M Financial tax resolutions in Vermont

Click to see more M&M Financial tax resolutions in Vermont

A Vermont painting company was recently faced with the dreaded IRS Installment Agreement (IA) default. As a result of this contractual breach with the Service, M&M’s new client now faced an $83,275 liability and no money to pay it.

M&M jumped right in and convinced the IRS that the default was the sole result of the business’ slow season. We successfully negotiated a new Installment Agreement that started at $250, then increased to an affordable $2,250 throughout the company’s busy season. This allowed our clients to stay on track financially and maintain the new payment plan, as well as current tax compliance.

Fully aware that the future of his family business hinged upon how he quickly and wisely he acted to solve this dilemma, he put us to work to help save his business after researching M&M’s history of success and calling a number of our past satisfied clients,.

Do you need help resolving a State or Federal back tax liability? Then call us now. We can help you, too!

Tax Debt Relief Tips – Vermont DOT

M&M Financial helps struggling taxpayers resolve IRS and Vermont Department of Taxes liabilities. Call (866) 487-5624 to discover your options.

If you owe the Vermont Department of Taxes, the following information may be of use to you.

• Vermont DOT does not have a formal Offer in Compromise program to resolve back tax debt.
• VT-DOT Installment Agreements generally extend up to 12 months, although 24 plus months may be approved on a case by case basis.
• A request for waiver of penalties will be considered for reasonable cause.

M&M Financial assists both businesses and individuals resolve their tax debts with both the IRS and State taxing authorities, including the Vermont DOT. Take a look at some of M&M’s Vermont client case examples near you.

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