Tax Debt Relief Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Click to see more M&M Financial tax debt resolutions in Oklahoma

Click to see more M&M Financial tax debt resolutions in Oklahoma

An Oklahoma boring company owner came to M&M recently, with a $38,360 back tax debt that had swelled out of control. Though he attempted to negotiate terms with the IRS on his own, he found the experience to be a frustrating drain on his work day. Enter the Tax Experts at M&M.

The day M&M was hired we contacted the IRS on behalf of our new client. During that initial call, we received a complete list of our client’s missing returns, and set fair deadlines for her to gain compliance and for M&M to submit a proposal for resolution of the tax debt. With our guidance and expertise, these deadlines were met and the process went smoothly.

So with our client’s full participation in the resolution process, and with M&M guiding her every step of the way, we secured an affordable $993 monthly Installment Agreement for our happy client.
Are you ready to close the book on your growing tax liabilities? Then start a fresh new chapter for your business today by calling the Tax Experts at M&M. We can help!

Tax Debt Relief Tips – Oklahoma State Tax Commission

M&M Financial helps struggling taxpayers resolve IRS and Oklahoma Tax Commission liabilities. Call (866) 487-5624 to discover your options.

If you owe the Oklahoma Tax Commission, the following information may be of use to you.

• OK Tax Commission does have a program similar to the Offer in Compromise program to resolve back tax debt. It is called an Application for Settlement of Tax Liability.
• OK Tax Commission’s basic Installment Agreements requires a 25% down payment and the balance paid over 24 months.
• A request for waiver of penalties will only be considered if it is made in writing. Unfortunately, the Oklahoma Tax Commission does not waive tax penalties very often.

M&M Financial assists both businesses and individuals resolve their tax debts with both the IRS and State taxing authorities, including the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Take a look at some of M&M’s Oklahoma client case examples near you.

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Like most problems in life, small IRS tax liabilities can morph into financial catastrophes overnight, as an Oklahoma factory owner and M&M client can attest. The lingering effects of an historic recession, gross receipts cut in half from the previous year, and a pair of family tragedies became the perfect storm that led our client to miss a number of Federal employment tax deposits. The end result was a $23,334 back tax debt and the looming threat of property seizures and bank levies from his aggressive IRS Revenue Officer. Fully aware that the future of his third generation family business hinged upon how quickly and wisely he acted to solve his IRS dilemma, he put M&M to work to help him save his company. Our expert tax debt negotiators immediately pushed back against the sweeping power of the IRS, giving our client the time and breathing space necessary to regain tax compliance. The end result was an amicable $525 per month Installment Agreement for our happy client. M&M is proud to have helped pave the way for a fourth generation of Sooners to someday take the reins of this great family business. Do you need help resolving a back tax liability? Let’s talk it over.

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Take a look at a few more of M&M’s successful tax debt resolutions in Oklahoma.

Tax Debt Help Tulsa, OK 74107

M&M Financial Consulting, Inc.  We solve IRS and State tax problems nationwide.  Call (866) 487-5624.

Recently a small business owner located in Tulsa, OK hired M&M to help him resolve his unpaid payroll tax debt. With a total tax liability of approximately $38,000, this business owner wasn’t sure how to work out a resolution with the IRS. M&M stepped in and immediately took control of the situation handling all contact and communication with the IRS allowing our client to get back to running his business. His M&M tax team recently secured a formal IRS Installment Agreement with payments that adjust with his ability to pay. M&M secured a payment plan starting at $400 per month for the first six months of the Agreement before it increases to $2,500 per month. This will allow him the time he needs to adjust his expenses and make a minimal payment before his monthly payment increases.

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