M&M Helps Streetsboro, OH 44241 Business Owner Resolve Tax Debt with the Ohio Attorney General

In August 2014 M&M helped an Ohio business owner resolve tax debts with the Ohio Department of Taxation of approximately $130,000 and $52,000. Amazingly, the M&M Tax Team assigned to the case was able to help our client resolve his tax debts with two installment agreements of $100 per month each. The two monthly payment plans cover both personal and business tax debts.

Ohio Tax Resolution and Settlement

This particular client was able to provide M&M with proof that a significant hardship would occur if he were required to make a monthly payment that would full pay the tax liabilities within a reasonable time frame, which was a key component of our negotiations. We are very proud to have gotten him into such reasonable monthly payment plans.

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Streetsboro, OH_OH-DOT_8.13.2014Streetsboro, OH-2_OH-DOT_8.13.2014

M&M Helps Ohio Automotive Sales and Service Company Resolve Its Back Taxes

Another Satisfied M&M Client.

“In January 2012, we purchased a business that had $15,000 in IRS payroll debt. We went to the IRS right away to try to settle this. Although we were the ones who made the contact, they still were less than friendly and workable. They wanted a very large down payment and huge monthly payments. We were no way going to be able to do as they asked, and still remain in business. I called several financial consulting companies; M&M was the only company who really just talked to me. They were very patient on the initial call and answered all my questions. There was no high pressure for me to hire their company.

When I called to let them know I wanted to hire M&M to help us, they wasted no time getting started. I had the paperwork in my hands that afternoon. They were always available to take my calls when I had questions. And most important to me, they were very patient and took the time I needed to fully understand the process.

Our IRS debt was settled in less than 6 weeks, and at a payment we were able to afford. I am ever so thankful that I had M&M on my side and did not try to settle this on our own.”

Fred D.
Small Business Owner

Tax Lien Help Springfield OH 45502

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In September 2013, a business owner from Springfield, OH came to M&M with a Trust Fund liability of over $27,000 assessed to him personally from his business employment tax debt. M&M immediately secured a hold on our new client’s account through the IRS Automated Collections allowing us time to design and assemble our proposal for resolution. As part of our Currently Not Collectible (CNC) request for our client’s personal case, we successfully provided the IRS with copies of “turn down” letters from lenders t proving our client could not tap into the large amount of equity he had in his home. The result was another happy M&M client in CNC status.

If you’ve been personally assessed an IRS Civil Penalty resulting from the Trust Fund portion of your business employment tax debt, call M&M today. We specialize in resolving employment tax debts for businesses and the subsequent Trust Fund Recovery Penalty assessed to the business owners.

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Tax Debt Relief Tips – State of Ohio

M&M Financial helps struggling taxpayers resolve IRS and State of Ohio liabilities. Call (866) 487-5624 to discover your options.

If the Ohio Department of Taxation or Ohio Attorney General’s office is attempting to collect your tax debt, the following information may be of use to you.

• The State of Ohio does have a formal Offer in Compromise (OIC) program to resolve back tax debt. However, the collection case must be in the hands of the Attorney General’s office in order for the OIC to be considered.
• Worker’s Compensation and Dept. of Job and Family Services tax liabilities may be included in OH Attorney General (AG) OIC.
• State of Ohio monthly Installment Agreements to satisfy tax debts vary depending on which collection office has the case. The OH-DOT generally does not set up formal IAs, while the OH Attorney General will typically set up IAs for 12 months.
• A request for waiver of penalties will only be considered after the tax portion of the tax liability has been paid in full.

M&M Financial assists both businesses and individuals resolve their tax debts with both the IRS and State taxing authorities, including the State of Ohio. Take a look at some of M&M’s Ohio client case examples near you.

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Tax Debt Help Middleton, OH 45044

Click to see more of M&M's Ohio client case examples.

Click to see more of M&M’s Ohio client case examples.

M&M Financial provides tax debt relief to struggling taxpayers nationwide, including Middletown, Ohio (OH) and the surrounding areas. Call (866) 487-5624 for assistance.

When a family-owned, Ohio-based produce business was assessed a $110,000 commercial activity tax liability by the State last year, the owners considered closing up shop. Because even under the best economic conditions, there was no way the small company could grow enough lettuce to pay its creditors and the State, and still function. Unfortunately, there were no money trees grown on this farm.

As you may have guessed, M&M swooped in, saved the day, and everybody’s E-I-E-I-O. But we didn’t do it alone. So indulge me the following points: (1) the owner of the business knew that his expertise in planting seeds in dirt and producing food, not in resolving tax liabilities. So when an M&M Tax Professional contacted him by phone, he was not only ready to listen to expert advice, but to act on it; (2) the owner was proactive from day one. He answered our phone calls and emails timely, and provided us all requested documents quickly. And by the end of the process (and after a couple of key returns were filed), the business owed just $15,929 to the State of Ohio, and the owner happily agreed to an $804 monthly Installment Agreement.

I say “tom-ay-toes,” you say “tom-ah-toes.” But taxing authorities only say “pay up.” Don’t wait until they seize (or smash) your prized pumpkins! Call the Experts at M&M today.

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Tax Debt Help Marietta, OH 45750

M&M Financial helps businesses and individuals solve difficult tax debt problems in Ohio and nationwide.  Call (866) 487-5624 for help.

Recently, an Optometrist located in Marietta, Ohio couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened an IRS notice to find a $31,598.36 payroll tax liability owed by his business. And because the situation wasn’t resolved in a timely manner, the IRS also sought to collect the business payroll tax debt from our new client personally. Our Optometrist wasn’t sure how to correct his blurry IRS tax debts. Of course the IRS wanted the total liability to be paid immediately. That’s a lot of glaucoma air puff exams.  After much deliberation between tax resolution companies, our client saw the clear winner and hired M&M. We took direct control of his tax problem, handling all contact and communication with the IRS, allowing our client to get back to dilating pupils. His M&M Tax Team recently secured a formal IRS Installment Agreement of $500.00 per month for his business. We successfully cross-referenced his personal tax assessment to the business Installment Agreement, allowing the business to pay back its own debt. That means the collection of our client’s personal tax assessments were placed on hold.  The formal IRS Installment Agreement letter is shown here.  Seeing is believing.

Is a looming business or personal tax liability clouding your vision? Contact M&M to find out how our Tax Resolution System can help you!  Find more examples of M&M’s successful Ohio tax debt resolutions here. Contact us at info@mmfinancial.org, by phone at (866) 487-5624, or complete our contact form at mmfinancial.org.