Tax Debt Relief Tips – New Mexico Taxation and Revenue

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If you owe the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue, the following information may be of use to you.

• New Mexico does not have a formal Offer in Compromise program to resolve back tax debt.
• New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Installment Agreements generally may not exceed 36 months and may require financial information prior to approval.
• A representative for the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue advised M&M that penalties will not be removed for reasons other than death, to be verified by three witnesses. Seems pretty harsh!

M&M Financial assists both businesses and individuals resolve their tax debts with both the IRS and State taxing authorities, including the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue. Take a look at some of M&M’s New Mexico client case examples near you.

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Tax Debt Help Lovington, NM 88260 – I Wish I Knew How To Quit Oil

Call M&M Financial today at (866) 487-5624.  We help individual and business taxpayers resolve tough tax debt issues every day.

“Oh you may stray, but you’ll always return to your dark master…” –Kramer to George on “Seinfeld”

Oil. Americans love it, am I right? We Michiganders, for example, were born and bred into the mythology of the classic Mustang/GTO/Charger, et al, as symbols of innovation, freedom and hope. I’ll admit that I love the sight of a mint classic car today, Gas Hog or not. Which leads me to my point: I think of myself as a fairly evolved human being. I reuse and recycle, I don’t own a car, I use sustainable products, and I try to lead as Green an existence as possible.

But there’s a part of me that would love to own, say, a 1955 Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaeton, also known as the Original Gas Hog. Sure, that big, gigantic beast would do little more than guzzle oil and belch pollution into the heavens. But would my Phaeton truly be able to stretch her legs properly if she were powered by a plug and a battery pack? I’m not convinced. So I guess that under certain conditions, my romance with oil is occasionally rekindled. Sure it’s filthy and crude, and nearly impossible to wash off a duck (even with Dawn), and you could see the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill from space. But when you examine it closely, it’s nearly impossible to avoid petroleum-based products, like candles, shampoo, hair coloring, aspirin, dentures, eye glasses, golf balls, foot balls, ammonia, pillows, even my beloved black leather pair of Chuck Taylors. So I’m not the only one.

At M&M, most of our dedicated tax experts use the Chicago transit system, walk or ride a bike to work. We know the importance of doing our part to contain our appetite for energy consumption. But we also realize that petroleum-based products are a big part of our life. The oil industry has a widespread affect on the world’s production of the goods on which we rely.

M&M recently helped a New Mexico Oil Services company resolve it’s nearly $500,000 IRS tax liability, by securing it a formal Installment Agreement. As negotiated by one of our experienced teams of tax professionals, this particular Agreement started out with a low monthly payment amount for the first two months. This allowed our client to adjust to the new expense. It then increased in the third month to match the company’s ability to pay. The monthly payment plan will full pay the total tax liability in just over seven years, allowing the company to service its tax debt without fear of enforced collection actions, such as bank levies and seizures.

M&M has set up hundreds of IRS Installment Agreements for its clients, both business and personal, over the years. You can find more examples of real solutions to IRS problems nationwide here.

M&M Financial specializes in resolving business and personal tax liabilities stemming from unpaid payroll tax. We have perfected a unique tax resolution system that allows us to work within the strict guidelines set by the IRS and State taxing authorities, ensuring the best possible results for our clients. Complete our contact form at, or call us at 866-487-5624 to find out how M&M’s Tax Resolution System can help you.