Tax Debt Relief Tips – Missouri DOR

We can help you resolve your tax debt with the IRS and Missouri Department of Revenue. M&M Financial helps struggling taxpayers nationwide resolve IRS and State tax debts. Call (866) 487-5624 to discuss your tax issue with an expert.

If you owe the Missouri Department of Revenue, the following information may be of use to you.

• Missouri DOR does not have a formal Offer in Compromise program to resolve back tax debt. Offered amount must be paid within 12 months of acceptance.
• MO-DOR Installment Agreements (IA) generally require a 25% down payment and a 12 month maximum term.
• A loan attempt and denial may be required before IA acceptance.
• You may be able to set up your MO-DOR IA online.

M&M Financial assists both businesses and individuals resolve their tax debts with both the IRS and State taxing authorities, including the Missouri DOR. Take a look at some of M&M’s Missouri client case examples near you.

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Tax Debt Help Jasper, MO 64755, Call 866-487-5624

M&M Financial provides tax debt help to struggling taxpayers nationwide, including Jasper, MO and the surrounding areas.

A quarry owner in Missouri found himself between a rock and a hard place a recently, when the IRS finally demanded full payment of his company’s years’ old $51,381 back payroll tax debt. His problems started when his longtime assistant/right hand woman retired, leaving him in charge of the firm’s tax responsibilities. How difficult could it be to stay on top of a tax bill here and there, he wondered. As it turned out, our Fred Flintstone knew a lot more about coarse aggregate and vibratory feeders than about filing tax returns on time. And by now, the IRS had grown tired of levying the business bank account and getting chump change in return. Now the Service wanted one thing and one thing only: The Whole Enchilada. So when M&M called one monumental day, offering him a responsible resolution to his liability issues, he jumped off his favorite backhoe and on board M&M’s winning team. It was an easy decision. After all, the rocks were in his quarry, not his head.

Our first order of business was to determine the IRS’ plan. What M&M’s Tax Experts learned from our new client’s Revenue Officer (RO), was that the IRS was pushing for full payment, because our client had not been responding to his phone calls and letters. According to the RO, our client didn’t seem to mind that his bank account was being regularly levied, if it meant that his liability was being paid. The problem with our client’s line of thinking was that continued to accrue new liabilities, quarter after quarter. This non-compliance could not continue forever.

M&M’s Expert Negotiators knew right away that our client needed two things, primarily: Time and tax compliance. First, we were able to establish several short deadlines with his RO, to prove that he was willing to cooperate with the IRS. Second, we gave our client a much needed education in tax management. As a result, he resumed making timely Federal Employment Tax Deposits, and filed a number of missing returns. Finally, we helped him complete necessary IRS paperwork, which led to an affordable $1,000 per month Direct Debit Installment Agreement. Now that’s what I call turning fifty yards of mineral ore into a mile-wide smile! And how does our client feel in light of M&M’s amazing work and his company’s subsequent rebirth? Like a Rock Star, I would imagine.

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Your IRS Tax Debt May Turn Your Vacation Into A Staycation

A contentious bill is making its way through Congress that will allow the IRS to prevent some delinquent taxpayers from leaving the country. If you have a delinquent tax bill of $50,000 or more, the State Department may revoke your passport. This could have serious implications for many US citizens that owe back taxes. And for many, it’s more than just a Caribbean vacation at risk.

Many of M&M’s clients have had careers or owned businesses that require them to travel abroad. Prohibiting a citizen from working to pay his/her back tax debt seems like a catch-22. But the provision does make exceptions if the liability “is being paid in a timely manner” or “in emergency circumstances or for humanitarian reasons.” If you have dealt with the IRS Collections Division before, you know that it will take a long time to secure an exception. If the bill becomes law, you had better have approval in hand before planning your travels across the border.

M&M recently secured formal Installment Agreements (pictured) for clients in California and Missouri. Such an Installment Agreement is the only practical resolution available for many delinquent taxpayers. And if the aforementioned bill becomes law, it will satisfy the IRS’ regulation concerning passports.  (Click see more real M&M client resolutions in California and Missouri.)

Individuals that have not paid their personal income tax are not the only taxpayers at risk of being denied travel outside of the US. As we’ve discussed in a recent blog post, business owners that owe back payroll tax are also at risk of a personal tax liability. A business owner may be held financially responsible for a significant portion of his/her company’s IRS payroll tax liability. Remember, a payroll tax liability needs immediate attention. M&M secures new business Installment Agreements every week (pictured) for business clients that owe 941 tax.

M&M Financial specializes in resolving business and personal tax liabilities. We have perfected a unique tax resolution system that allows us to work within the strict guidelines set by the IRS and State taxing authorities, ensuring the best possible results for our clients. Complete our contact form at, or call us at 866-487-5624 to find out how M&M’s Tax Resolution System can help you.