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“My husband and I had our business property slapped with a lien by the IRS. He was very sick at the time and couldn’t assist me. I had been unable to deal with all of the notices from the IRS, and had just let it go. We had quite a few returns to file and not much money to pay someone to prepare them.

We were inundated with calls and mail offering services to take care of this lien. Most promised that they could get us a payment of 10% of the lien amount. They made promises of almost magical things they would do for us. I am 68 and stopped believing these things years ago.

M&M called me. Normally I would just refuse these calls. However, this call was different. Steve [Precht] discussed with me the actions the IRS could take if I did nothing, what I needed to do to file the returns that were needed, what M&M could do to help me get the returns filed, and that they would be Power of Attorney to deal with the IRS collection agent. Continue reading

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At M&M we love our Michigan clients. Many of us either grew up in the Great Lakes State or have strong ties to it. If you or your business have a back tax liability and need help, contact M&M Financial. We’ll outline a strategy to resolve your tax debt that is specific to your situation. If you decide you don’t want our help, that’s okay. We’re sure you’ll learn a thing or two about your rights and options with a free, confidential consultation.

M&M Financial resolves tax liabilities for its clients nationwide.

“[My IRS Revenue Officer] complimented you and M&M and said you were very professional and great to work with compared to most of your competitors. I agree with her!”

Jerry D.
Small Business Owner, Michigan

IRS Tax Debt Relief Elk Rapids, MI 49629

Elk Rapids, MI 49629_IA Letter_06.27.2013A Michigan cabinet maker recently learned the harsh lesson that small IRS tax liabilities can spin out of control quickly, consuming both your business and personal lives. The lingering effects of The Great Recession, and gross receipts cut in half from the previous year, forced our client to missing of several return filings. The end result was a massive IRS back tax debt $594,981, and the looming threat of property seizures and bank levies from the Service. Continue reading

Tax Debt Relief Conway, MI 49722

The Tax Resolution Experts at M&M Financial Can Help You Resolve And Reduce Your Tax Debt.

Click to see more M&M tax resolutions in Michigan

Click to see more M&M tax resolutions in Michigan

The owner of a third generation family towing and recovery business in Michigan responded enthusiastically to a recent phone call from M&M. It turned out that our soon-to-be client owed $10,000 to the State of Michigan Department of Treasury (MI-DOT) due to the business’ failure to file several Sales and Withholding tax returns.

With the State threatening to levy the business’ bank account and/or seize property, M&M’s Tax Experts sprang into action. We contacted our client’s Revenue Agent immediately, and established deadlines for missing returns to be filed. Thankfully, and as a result of M&M’s direction and persistence, our client was ready to produce all of the missing returns within one week. After several weeks of diligent work on the part of M&M, and with the full cooperation of our client, we secured an affordable $500 per month Installment Agreement with the MI-DOT.

Are you receiving threatening letters or phone calls from the State or IRS? Call us today. Don’t wait! We have the experience and integrity to steer you in the right direction

Tax Debt Help Lakeview, MI 48850

Click to see more of M&M's successful Michigan tax resolutions.

Click to see more of M&M’s successful Michigan tax resolutions.

M&M Financial provides tax debt relief to struggling taxpayers nationwide, including Lakeview, Michigan (MI) and the surrounding areas. Call (866) 487-5624 for assistance.

If there’s one thing we Tax Experts at M&M have learned through our decades of combined experience, it’s that inexperience on the part of business owners often leads to the accrual of tax liabilities. After all, managing business taxes is no day at the beach. Sure, it’s advisable to stay on Uncle Sam’s good side for many reasons. But many owners relegate their tax related duties to the last minute or not at all, focusing instead on their business’ more immediately gratifying pursuits.

This was illustrated all too clearly when a Michigan auto parts store owner came to M&M last year in need of help. While his lifelong passion for muscle cars and a need for speed inspired him to open the shop of his dreams, the timely filing and paying of business tax returns turned out into an adrenaline buzz kill. Then add a few missed Federal Tax Deposits FTDs) to the mix, and his $16,329 back tax liability went from zero to sixty in short order. Now it was high time for M&M’s Tax Professionals to both slam the brakes on the IRS, and put our client’s business focus on the right road.

First, we contacted the IRS and performed a comprehensive compliance check on our client. We also set realistic deadlines with the Service, allowing enough time to prepare and submit all required documentation necessary for a successful Installment Agreement (IA) request. This took place under the daily guidance of his experienced M&M Tax Team, of course, which also included teaching him the essentials of IRS (and State) tax compliance. And after two months strenuous of negotiations with the IRS, M&M was thrilled to deliver him a $200 per month IA to our client, whose business (with our help) was now more organized, compliant, and on a solid path toward lasting prosperity.

Has the tax side of running a small busienss become your Achilles’ heel? Then make today the day you talk to M&M. We listen. We understand. We’re the Tax Experts.

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Tax Debt Relief Tips – Michigan DOT

M&M Financial helps struggling taxpayers nationwide resolve IRS and State tax debts, including Michigan Department of Treasury liabilities. Call (866) 487-5624 to discuss your tax debt with an expert.

If you owe the Michigan Department of Treasury, the following information may be of use to you.

• Michigan DOT does not have a formal Offer in Compromise program to resolve back tax debt. The Department of Treasury is prohibited by law from compromising or reducing the amount of tax owed to the State of Michigan.
• MI-DOT Installment Agreements generally extend up to 24months.
• You may use Form 990, Installment Agreement to request a formal IA.
• Michigan Department of Treasury is not lenient regarding penalty abatement. Penalties will not be removed in most cases unless a significant hardship and reasonable cause can be proven.
• The Department of Treasury often uses MARCS (Michigan Account Receivable Collection System) to collect delinquent tax debts.

M&M Financial assists both businesses and individuals resolve their tax debts with both the IRS and State taxing authorities, including the Michigan DOT. Take a look at some of M&M’s Michigan client case examples near you.

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Tax Debt Help Grandville, MI 49418 – Call 866-487-5624

M&M Financial provides tax debt help to struggling taxpayers nationwide, including Grandville, Michigan.  Call (866) 487-5624.

A Michigan-based construction company had big problems in the spring of 2012. The President of this particular company, as it turned out, had recently been convicted on a string of criminal charges. And as you can imagine, it’s not easy keep your company on the right track while doing 15 to 20 in a 6 X 9 without Quick Books and a fax machine. So with the remaining officers of the company eager to save their jobs, and address the $190,643 IRS back tax liability their incarcerated President had created, they turned to M&M for relief.

Knowing that this company was in serious trouble on many levels, M&M’s Tax Experts went to work immediately. First, and with the understanding that the former President had always been responsible for paying (or not paying) the company’s taxes, we taught the officers that full tax compliance was essential, now and moving forward. Next, we contacted the IRS and determined our client’s compliance problems, including a list of missing tax returns. Further proving their commitment to the resolution process, the business officers soon provided the Service and M&M with all of the missing tax returns in question. With that, the company’s tax compliance resumed. Then, after meeting all of M&M’s deadlines for financial information and documentation, our Professional Negotiators secured an affordable $3,500 per month Installment Agreement for this very deserving client.

Did unusual circumstances lead to the accrual of your Federal or State back tax debt? Could you or your business use some relief? Call M&M right away. We listen. We can help. We’re The Tax Debt Relief Experts.
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