M&M Business Tax Testimonial, Dolton Illinois

M&M Financial Reviews

Client complaints about M&M Financial Consulting’s Tax Resolution Service are few and far between. Here’s another great review from an Illinois small business owner.

“If anyone is looking to have a trust worthy company go to bat for them, M & M Financial is the company for you. Our company had the pleasure of dealing with Jonathan Stewart.

He and Lupe Figueroa worked diligently to help us resolve our federal payroll tax issues. It seems like every time the IRS was contacted by our company no one seemed to know what was previously said or done, so we had to start from scratch all the time. That is a very stressful situation.

After being contacted by M & M by one of their representative, we doubted the effectiveness of what they said they could offer. We have gone down that rabbit hole on more than one occasion without resolve. We ultimately decided to sign our contract with M & M after crucial scrutiny and investigation. The first couple of months were grueling paperwork issues.

No matter what, we received good common sense responses to any inquiries we made of them. It took about 8 ½ months to get our repayment plan set up and signed. Thank you guys for your help.”

Dolton, IL