2 Common IRS 941 Trust Fund Tax Appeals

941 Trust Fund TaxIRS payroll taxes have multiple components. The Trust Fund portion is definitely a component to focus on when dealing with back 941 taxes. This is where individuals get dragged into the mix of IRS collection. The government holds real people responsible for business taxes. Business owners, employees, shareholders, officers, bookkeepers and accountants may all be at risk of being held liable for the Trust Fund. Luckily, you can fight it.

If you

M&M Financial Satisfied Customer Review

M&M Business Tax Resolution Customer Review

“I have worked with M&M Financial, particularly Jonathan Stewart for many years. Hiring M&M was the best business decision I ever made. Jon has been a life savor for my business. He has handled any, and every issue I had arise, within a very prompt, and professional manner. I would highly recommend M&M financial for any tax issue, or problem one might have. They have been a first class company to work with.”

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